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Red Light Therapy

Come in today and relax in our Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy bed!
Treatments using Red Light (620-700nm) have been shown to: reduce visible signs of aging, improve skin complexion, & encourage vibrant healthier-looking skin.
Red Light Therapy
Red Light Therapy
By emitting red lowlight waves through your skin, this form of therapy naturally triggers tissue recovery in your body while enhancing blood flow and stimulating collagen. The red light rays are absorbed into the body to a ten-millimeter depth and carry positive effects on your nervous system, metabolic process, and cellular energy. Red light therapy is painless, and it has over time exhibited enhanced capability to treat joint pain and osteoarthritis caused by aging. It also helps to manage symptoms caused by various forms of cancer treatment including radiation and chemotherapy.
Benefits of Red Light Therapy
Benefits of Red Light Therapy
Here’s a list of some of the many uses of red light therapy (results may vary)
  • Helps rejuvenate facial skin and smooths skin tone.
  • Red light builds collagen in the skin and can reduce wrinkles.
  • Helps repair sun damage.
  • Red light activates the lymphatic system for potentially improved detoxification.
  • Decreases inflammation in the skin.
  • Helps fade scars and stretch marks.
  • Improves hair growth to reverse balding.
  • Stimulates slow healing wounds.
  • Can prevent recurring cold sores, or herpes simplex.
  • Can be helpful for joint pain
  • Can reduce eczema, rosacea and acne.
Red Light Therapy Skincare Products
Red Light Therapy Skincare Products
  • Restored Prep Spray Step 1
    Helps protect the skin from blue-violet spectrum rays, allowing the purest red light to reach your skin for faster results.
  • Restored Target Serum Step 2
    Helps replenish skin by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and sun spots.
  • Restored Post Cream Step 3
    Pro-Vitamin B5 combines with other natural emmolients to offer effective skin conditioning that helps prevent moisture loss and form a protective barrier.