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Tanning Beds

Come check out the top tanning beds available from Ergoline, Sun Italia, and Soltron at TANPDX. We offer high pressure and standup tanning beds that provide you with the best, longest lasting, natural looking tan. Whether you want that “just off the beach” color or a light sun-kissed glow, you can trust our tanning consultants to help you achieve your tanning goals!
Level 2 Tanning Beds - Base Building
Our Soltron Touchdown tanning bed offers up to a 20 minute tanning session. This tanning bed gives you a nice bronze color, but has the most UVB rays of all of our beds. We recommend starting out with smaller increments of time and slowly working your way up.
Level 3 Tanning Beds - Color Enhancing
Our Ergoline 600 tanning bed offers up to a 12 minute tanning session, shoulder tanners and 4 high pressure facial tanning bulbs. It has less UVB rays than our Level 2 beds so you get quicker results in less time and won’t have to come in as often.
Level 3 Tanning Beds - Stand Up
Our Sundash Radius 252 stand up tanning booth offers up to a 12 minute tanning session. The bulbs are stronger than our level 3 Ergoline 600 which means quicker color, less sweating, and no tan lines.
Level 4 Tanning Beds - Deep Bronzing
The Ergoline 650 is a step up from our Ergoline 600. This bed features up to a 15 minute tanning session, shoulder tanners, air conditioning and 11 high pressure body and facial bulbs. This bed gives you a deeper tan and also provides lots of instant color for your special events.
Level 5 Tanning Beds - High Pressure
TANPDX is proud to offer the Sun Italia Saturn stand up tanning bed. The Saturn is our top high pressure tanning booth with up to a 12 minute tanning session. Every bulb in this tanning bed is a high pressure bulb so it will have the lowest UVB percentages. This standing tanning bed will give you the darkest and quickest tan you’ve ever had!
Eye Wear and Goggles
We care about your eye protection so please remember to bring your tanning goggles. We will ask to see them with every visit. TANPDX offers a variety of eye protection options. We carry Podz eyewear, Wink Ease disposable eyewear and other tanning goggles.